Wacissa River




Skill Level


  •  ATV
  •  Bike
  •  Equestrian
  •  Hike
  •  Paddle
  •  Motorcycle
  •  Mountain Bike
  •  Run
  •  Walk

Surfaces x

  •  Paved
  •  Unpaved
  •  Water
Wacissa River

The Wacissa River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the entire state of Florida with a multitude of springs flowing through the rugged, sparsely populated area of Florida’s Big Bend Region. Perfect for beginners or families with children, the Wacissa’s calm waters stretch for 15-miles and offers visitors a variety of recreational activities including swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking. The beloved river can get crowded for the first mile down to the Blue Spring, the river’s most popular swimming hole. However, solitude and serenity can also be found along the river for those who get there early or visit on the weekdays. A public campground is also available about 10 miles downstream from the headsprings, making it the perfect weekend getaway.

The Wacissa River supports an amazing array of wildlife where visitors have the chance to spot alligators, water snakes, turtles, wading birds, and river otters. The best way to observe these unique species is to paddle out during the early morning or evening. The crystal clear water flows for miles, and eventually merges with the Aucilla River’s distinctive “blackwater”, until finally reaching the shallow Gulf waters.

Featured Uses: Swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, duck hunting, hiking, nature viewing, and bird watching.

Access: 290 Wacissa Springs Rd, Monticello, FL 32344

See the Wacissa River Paddling Trail Trip Planning Guide for more acces points and directions.

Amenities: Parking, restroom, rope swings, sinkholes, and campground access.