Cascades Trail




Skill Level


  •  ATV
  •  Bike
  •  Equestrian
  •  Hike
  •  Paddle
  •  Motorcycle
  •  Mountain Bike
  •  Run
  •  Walk

Surfaces x

  •  Paved
  •  Unpaved
  •  Water
Cascades Trail

Located in the heart of downtown and directly south of the Florida State Capitol, this 24-acre park and natural playground offers a variety of outdoor and recreational amenities. This includes an amphitheater, interactive water fountain, children’s play area, Smokey Hollow Commemoration, and multi-use trails.

These winding trails are perfect for walking, jogging or biking. There are three main trails in Cascades Park, the whole park loop (1 mile), Bocha Chuba Pond loop (0.65 mile) and the Smokey Hollow Pond loop (0.5 mile). Altogether, the trails make up 2.3 miles of paved pathways.

This unique urban park also doubles as a storm water facility, as it was designed to offer relief to nearby areas during major rainstorms. Sidewalks are slanted so the water runs into the park’s lakes and some of that water drains to larger bodies of water, including Wakulla Springs and Lake Munson.


Featured uses: Running, jogging/walking, cycling, entertainment, various recreational activities, and more. Leashed dogs are permitted.

Park Access: Cascades Park
1001 S Gadsden St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

To learn more about Cascades Park, click here.

Amenities: Capital City Amphitheater, Imagination Fountain and playground area for kids, parking, benches, picnic tables, restrooms, and water fountains.