Exciting and challenging, this trail begins with its namesake hubcap and ends with memories you won’t forget.

Widely considered one of the area’s “must-ride” trails, the Cadillac Mountain Bike Trail is an intermediate course with several sections that fall into the expert realm. Broken into the 1.35-mile West Cadillac and 2.44-mile East Cadillac sections, and also featuring a .9-mile Loblolly Trail option for beginners, this trail system is extremely well-developed and lovingly maintained by the substantial mountain biking community in Tallahassee. The trail is easily accessed through the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park in the Piney Z neighborhood, where restrooms, a bike wash, picnic areas and a playground can be found as well.

Along the East Cadillac portion of the trail, optional technical challenges like rocks, logs and jumps allow riders to test the limits of their skills—including an 8-foot jump best left to experts. The wooden ramp system along this trail rises and dips sharply, and has been described as a “mountain bike roller coaster” by many who have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, the West Cadillac Trail offers challenges of its own, from the thickly rooted trail itself to the ever- changing elevation of the terrain. And for those who just aren’t ready for the ride to end, the West Cadillac Trail connects to the trails in Tom Brown Park and then to the Fern Trail , allowing riders to string together as much riding as their legs can handle.


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